Contact Us in a Speedy Manor

And yes, the beautiful spelling job in the title is completely intentional. It just makes the whole thing catchier and adds an additional air of randomness. Atmosphere.

Don’t we all look so incredibly attractive? But hey, at least there’s finally Thomas!! (also looking incredibly attractive)
And that random photo-bombing girl in the background is sooo not associated with us.

You have the privilege of contacting our elite members through this email address. Don’t worry- someone will check it every day. And it’s very exciting to see new emails waiting.

If you want to contact a specific member, just put their name in the subject line. Elementary- I’m sure you people can figure it out.

Don’t you just love that email address? So original.

And if you would like to leave unrelated comments on the blog, here is the place to do it. The home page is getting rather cluttered.

If you have any questions, there’s this handy little thing called ‘edit’ that we will use to answer them.


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