Dont talk outloud, it lowers the IQ of the whole street?

Yes we are alive, if just barely, and not zombies (yet.) Though three of us are suffering from post Sherlock season ending syndrome, which is about as good as being dead, for you suddenly feel like you no longer know what to do with your life. Very much like this: Sherlock-couch

Thus our productivity levels go down by at least 60% (at least they do for me) oh, and then there’s that thing called high-school that keeps messing up my Sherlock fan-art viewing sessions. I say it should just, well, lets say if my homework is the smiley-face on the wall then I’m Sherlock.


And since I am still in my post Sherlock stupor, that is all. Farewell common folk. Until next time.



Favorite anime openings and endings?

Now I’m going to try to keep the list as small as possible, which isn’t easy since my current anime list is around 150. Also for the sake of my sanity I will be avoiding searching through bleach music,  there are a couple good openings and endings from it, but to keep the list short I have chosen only 1 of them to show you. …The song is great but the real reason for my love of this opening is this face:



Here’s from one of my recent favorites, Acchi Kocchi. Its opening is so energetic and happy it makes me want to sing along and dance, also the use of graphics is refreshing and has a great pace.

Artistically speaking I believe the ending is better, and I also favor the music in the ending over the opening though I’m sure most would disagree.

But then again if we’re going by music, by far their best is this one:

I’m so tempted to pick my favorites from every single anime I’ve ever watched. I wont do that to you don’t worry, I’ve already skipped over around 40 animes.

This one gives a very sunny feeling and I really like the singer:

This one takes first place, its just stunning and unique. Producers should take note of it and make more openings like this.

We love the atmosphere, we love the music, we love the anime:

And this Naruto one is good because Killer Bee falls of the edge and it’s just plain funny.


We all love this opening, besides its great art, because zetsu attempts to eat deidaras hair.

We all love this opening, besides its great art, because zetsu attempts to eat deidaras hair.

This has got to be the most emotional- I just- ok so I do have some sort of horrible obsession with naruto being depressed, it just makes him so much cooler. I also will admit to wanting him to have to die or something like that in the end (also like killing of my favorite characters, whats with me!? my gosh.) Well this openings got it all, fan-service included. LAST ONE! I PROMISE!

And those are my favorites. Sorry for the long list, I curious, and with out favoring any one opening or ending just because its from an anime you like, which one is your favorite? *cough* Zepher *Cough* don’t be biased on the shoujo ones.

I lied about that promise back there… which reminds me about a blog I want to write in the future (how to be an honest liar, or how to lie honestly) but anyways, I forgot to add this to the list:

An Edward Shark? Edward Fruit?

Beautiful specimen isn't it?

Beautiful specimen isn’t it?

Goodmorning fan masses! I really don’t have much to say about this… You see I’ve been quite ill since Saturday (why I missed out on the super awesome death match thing, quite entertaining, you should go read about it.) anyways, so I was up to things like creating this short little animation thing from some clips from Full Metal Alchemist (yes Edward DID make it onto the top hottest anime guys list, this clip showcases his hotness quite well if I do say so myself.)

A lovely Edward Fruit

Here Edward makes another stunningly handsome appearance in Ouran High School Host Club, one of my personal favorites, as a fruit.

Now... This isn't mine but I think its adorable.

Now… This isn’t mine but I think its adorable.

Me: Do you hear that?

Ed: No?

Me: are you sure?

Ed: No what?

Me: I think- oh wait- look! There the masses of fangirls are! They’re coming this way!

WOW wow wow ED! there is NO need to get violent!

Here is a gorgeous Edward cosplay that truly captures how fruit like Ed is.

A fruit… and beansprout!

Personally I would NEVER eat fruit and beans together, (other then perhaps tomatoes) hows that? strawberry and black bean soup? Re-fried bean and oranges a la mode? (For you not well versed in the fancy naming of food types, a la mode means with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side)

ANNNDDD this blog post in Tea time with T is brought to you byyyyyyyy *drum roll*

Ed: what?


Well that escalated quickly.


Ninjas Are NOT Eco-Friendly

As dedicated Naruto fans we have all come to a head-tilting, fangirl-screaming, tight-rope-walking agreement, that Ninjas, especially the Naruto kind, are NOT Eco-friendly. Now, don’t get too heated up about what I have to say, I know the environment is a touchy subject for some overly zealous plant people, like Zetsu.

Here is a prime example:

Before~ Lovely isn’t it? Nice… peaceful…

Then we add a ninja into the equation…

Then this happens :3

The results are something like this:

Expected reactions:

…That hole wasn’t there before the ninjas arrived.

Not to fear my friends, the ninjas aren’t a completely lost cause. In fact, just the other episode we saw a beautiful example of a ninja being Eco-friendly!

A stunning birds eye view of the gardening in process. Kill a ninja, grow a tree.

A stunning birds eye view of the gardening in process. Kill a ninja, grow a tree.



Alas all that was pointless, as Naruto (a ninja) summons a giant ninja frog that looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle, and they cause the ground to crack up, and not because they told a particularly funny joke.

Just like the ninjas in anime, the ninja gang, or at least me… I cant say for sure about the others… aren’t particularly Eco-friendly. I don’t normally recycle unless someone finds me in the act of throwing recyclable objects in the trash and I’m forced to walk to the recycle bin and do the right thing. Its not that I don’t like the environment… its just that the prospect that in 30 years or so I could be walking around in a super cool steam-punk gas-mask overrules my tree-huging tendencies.

Later loves!



Hello! So lately we’ve been covering poetry in my English class. I’ve gotten to write a few, and I thought I’d share some with you~ (oh gosh, all this rhyming is getting to my head I think)

How I Don’t Need You
By T.

Its not fun being replaced
No sir its not
But theres one thing you forgot
I have the birds and the trees
And most impotently I have me
But you do not
Remember it next time you knock
That I always keep my door locked
Don’t worry it’s not me its you
No need to think it through
You no longer need me?
Well good.
I have things to do.

Here is a Christmas greeting poem:

By T.

A Merry Christmas
From the Doctor to you
From every galaxy and every planet
“The Doctor,” they say “Doctor who?”

For always around this time of year
The Doctor comes to save the holiday cheer
In the Tardis that’s always Tardis Blue
He stops the aliens from killing me and you

With Donna, Martha, Rory, Amy and Rose
On Christmas back to Planet Earth, London, England he goes
He might be wearing pajamas or a bow tie
it won’t matter either or…
If you see him on the Titanic, just remember he’s a time lord

So sit by the fire with fishfingers and custard
with your family and friends
And listen for the sound of the Tardis outside
For maybe the Doctor will stop by for dinner just this once
And just maybe He’ll need you at his side

Here is a poem about Socialism to brighten up your day! ciismloSa is Socialism mixed up btw. Scronmemos is commoners mixed up and Mosaic Sail Mi is I am socialism mixed up. =) just thought I’d clarify it a bit.

By T.

There once was a place
A fantastic place
Where the scornmemos
With their silly, happy, flappy faces
Played in the lulgrid grasses

They were so carefree
Until one day you see
They got into a fight
About which one was wrong
And which one was right

But the fighting kept on
Over this thing and that
They fought over land
They fought over knickknacks

Until one day a short, fat scornmemo said
I’ve had enough!
Listen to what I’ve got
His name was Mosaic Sail Mi
And he had the cure
To all the arguing debris

If Mosaic Sail Mi took all of their things
From the socks on their feet to their muddle ming beans
Then handed them out equally
By golly they would quabble and quarrel no more!
Because all of the things they’d been quabbling for
Would be everyones
Not theirs anymore

Heres one last one that is actually for my story not English class…

The Quiet Candle:

By T.

A Farer Fellow Still he Lay
Better he know up from down
Right he stepped on fevered ground
And left he lay on coldest ways
Firsts he found the antler a three
To drag on mountain high
Wither away on springs dawning
Run on autumns sigh
Held three to precious rosy skin
Aglow with new delight
Save the willow and bring the snow
On marrow’s be the divide
Be gone you will if petals grow
Still be quite in candle glow
Lights the day the man grew old
Left me here in winter cold

Thoughts? Let me know which one you like best~

In which we are absent in more ways then one?

Hello my fellow tea and coffee enthusiasts~ Today I’m drinking coffee instead of tea because school stress levels are high. I’m sure you know what I mean. Certain *cough* history *cough* teachers feel it is their duty to make things as boring and time consuming as possible by assigning busy work and doing nothing but recapping what we read about at home the next day at school. I being the ever loyal procrastinator have come here to update and procrastinate.

I do apologize for our absentness, we’ve been absent from here and absent of mind. At least I have about the second part. We’ve been busy with things like student council (three of us) and college finals (two of us) and over procrastinating (one of us) Frankly I do no know what the other two have been doing, but I assure you even Thomas was doing something.

On other news it is now December, and that means holidays and snow… or so we like to think. It’s not like we live in Hawaii or California, it should atleast be cold outside. But nooo, I went outside barefoot and sleeveless today and didn’t even get chilled. Ha! An ever Happy Holidays to you and may all you ski seasons be white.

With much love and simplicity…


Heres an awesome song:

In wich we eat food as well as drink tea?

It is Thanksgiving, the day in the year which we eat just about as much as always but have a justification for it. Yes I do enjoy this holiday, though I myself do not have a large enough stomach to fit all the food I want to eat in, and my eyes also do tend to be a lot larger then it. However, that is not the point. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and here is an awesome amv to celebrate.

Enjoy gaining weight!

Yours truly,