We’re back! And geekier than ever

Hello, everyone! The Ninja Gang is back, and geekier than ever.

Raven and Zephyr have both completed their first year of college, T. is attending art school, and Hugo and Thomas have each turned a year older.

What are we up to? Well, we have a lot planned for this summer. And I, Raven, will be detailing most of it on this blog. You can look forward to more regular updates about our exciting adventures. Here is our itinerary, as far as we have planned it.

1) Pathfinder – that’s right, the Ninja Gang is now a Pathfinder group. Zephyr is our GM and Raven shall be keeping a campaign journal, which will be  updated on this very site! Hurray!

2) The Ultra Awesome Mega Super Sparkling Shiny INTER-GALACTIC Radical Stupendous chocolate-dipped Geek Tournament of Olympic Proportions II.  Revamped! That’s right, we’re doing it again, and with new categories and some additions to the contestants. This will happen some time in July.

3) Rafting. You may or may not hear a dramatized version of this, depending on how adventurous it turns out.

4) Camping. The Ninja Gang shall be taking a camping trip to have an adventure in the wilderness, just the five of us, a car, some tents, and probably some yucky food.

That’s all for now, but the first Pathfinder campaign journal should be up soon.



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