Where Have We Been?!

So the Ninja Gang, as you might have noticed, has been rather dormant in terms of blog activity as of late. Below is an explanation, which includes an update as to what’s happening with us.


That’s the overarching factor. You see, the most active writers on this blog are Zepher and Raven. Both of them are seniors. They are busy pretending to not have enough time for this blog, or for schoolwork. And while it’s true that we do have tons of other stuff going on, it’s mostly a lack of inspiration. I’ll give an update on each individual.

Zepher – She’s up to her usual stuff, really. She’s preparing for graduation and college and keeping her grades up, and occasionally takes breaks from this sort of work to practice her chimney-sweeping hobbies.

Raven – Also preparing for graduation and college. She has taken on some major projects that she’s trying to finish, and is generally frustrated with life, which is dreadfully mundane in all its busyness. Despite this, she has not neglected to keep up with her daily fire-dancing routine.

T. – She does little else than schoolwork, as she now has night school on top of everything else. There, she hangs out with vampires. She sleeps an awful lot, like normal.

Hugo – He’s been playing Pokemon at tournaments. And working as an inter-galactic ambassador, as usual. It pays well, and he’s hoping to eventually use the money for his college education. Aren’t we all proud of Hugo and his travels as a representative for our meek planet?

Thomas – He’s learning German. Cool, right? Also, he recently discovered a confidential secret regarding the practice of alchemy. However, because he’s highly secretive, we can’t reveal much else about him.

Due to the classified nature of Thomas’s life, I’m not allowed to put any sort of a picture here.

Aside from all of this boring day-to-day dullness, the cosplay season is just starting for us, and we’re all scrambling to finish our costumes and perfect our skit and things like that. And we all have spring fever. So that’s about all the excuse I can give. I can’t really guarantee when we’ll be posting like normal again, either. The thing is, we only want to write posts that are interesting. And nothing is really interesting right now.


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