Dont talk outloud, it lowers the IQ of the whole street?

Yes we are alive, if just barely, and not zombies (yet.) Though three of us are suffering from post Sherlock season ending syndrome, which is about as good as being dead, for you suddenly feel like you no longer know what to do with your life. Very much like this: Sherlock-couch

Thus our productivity levels go down by at least 60% (at least they do for me) oh, and then there’s that thing called high-school that keeps messing up my Sherlock fan-art viewing sessions. I say it should just, well, lets say if my homework is the smiley-face on the wall then I’m Sherlock.


And since I am still in my post Sherlock stupor, that is all. Farewell common folk. Until next time.



5 thoughts on “Dont talk outloud, it lowers the IQ of the whole street?

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  2. I call this phenomenon Sherlock withdrawal.

    Symptoms include:
    Randomly breaking out into a British accent, crying out ‘Oh, Sherlock!’ on occasion, and spending hours wondering how the world will possibly survive unless the next season comes out sooner.

  3. I, too, suffer from Sherlock withdrawal, as my overflowing Pinterst board and need to constantly quote the show can demonstrate. And I’m pretty sure it’s chronic, because it’s not going away. But Sherlock is definitely worth it, so I’m not complaining. 🙂

    • Oh I too have the same problem, its a good thing I only have two friends who are really on Pinterest… otherwise they would get fed up with my Sherlock pins.

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