Favorite anime openings and endings?

Now I’m going to try to keep the list as small as possible, which isn’t easy since my current anime list is around 150. Also for the sake of my sanity I will be avoiding searching through bleach music,  there are a couple good openings and endings from it, but to keep the list short I have chosen only 1 of them to show you. …The song is great but the real reason for my love of this opening is this face:



Here’s from one of my recent favorites, Acchi Kocchi. Its opening is so energetic and happy it makes me want to sing along and dance, also the use of graphics is refreshing and has a great pace.

Artistically speaking I believe the ending is better, and I also favor the music in the ending over the opening though I’m sure most would disagree.

But then again if we’re going by music, by far their best is this one:

I’m so tempted to pick my favorites from every single anime I’ve ever watched. I wont do that to you don’t worry, I’ve already skipped over around 40 animes.

This one gives a very sunny feeling and I really like the singer:

This one takes first place, its just stunning and unique. Producers should take note of it and make more openings like this.

We love the atmosphere, we love the music, we love the anime:

And this Naruto one is good because Killer Bee falls of the edge and it’s just plain funny.


We all love this opening, besides its great art, because zetsu attempts to eat deidaras hair.

We all love this opening, besides its great art, because zetsu attempts to eat deidaras hair.

This has got to be the most emotional- I just- ok so I do have some sort of horrible obsession with naruto being depressed, it just makes him so much cooler. I also will admit to wanting him to have to die or something like that in the end (also like killing of my favorite characters, whats with me!? my gosh.) Well this openings got it all, fan-service included. LAST ONE! I PROMISE!

And those are my favorites. Sorry for the long list, I curious, and with out favoring any one opening or ending just because its from an anime you like, which one is your favorite? *cough* Zepher *Cough* don’t be biased on the shoujo ones.

I lied about that promise back there… which reminds me about a blog I want to write in the future (how to be an honest liar, or how to lie honestly) but anyways, I forgot to add this to the list:


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