The Fountain of Un-immortality

For all you immortal people and beings of immaculate power out there- I have a question for you. Are you tired of having eternal life? Don’t answer- of course you are! You’ve watched the people around you get killed in nasty ways, watched civilizations rise and fall, then fall some more. You’re just bored of it! You don’t want to be immortal anymore,  do you?

Maybe you’ve sought some heroes to kill you, or tried to commit suicide. But those immortality and eternal power contracts are dang specific on the ‘not able to die’ part of it, aren’t they?

You might have been in a pickle if it weren’t for (drum roll here) The Fountain of UN-immortality! It’s just what it sounds like! Rather than make you eternally young, this does the exact opposite.

All you have to do is take one small sip from it and you will become un-immortal. That means you will die, but hey, it’s what you wanted, isn’t it?!?

The Fountain of Un-immortality is located in the opposite direction of Eldorado;  somewhere around Helldorado. A sip will only cost you 10,000 dollars. And lets face it- if you’ve lived thousands of years and haven’t got ten grand, you need to try a bit harder.

And as a bonus, you will get a limited edition collectors item (only available for the next month)- a Fountain of Un-immortality commemorative water bottle! For free! Sure, you won’t have much use for it (being dead), but hey, it might make a good burial souvenir.


4 thoughts on “The Fountain of Un-immortality

  1. Oh! this answers all my problems! Does it work on ghosts? My whole neighborhood is filled with all sorts on immortal monsters.

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