An Edward Shark? Edward Fruit?

Beautiful specimen isn't it?

Beautiful specimen isn’t it?

Goodmorning fan masses! I really don’t have much to say about this… You see I’ve been quite ill since Saturday (why I missed out on the super awesome death match thing, quite entertaining, you should go read about it.) anyways, so I was up to things like creating this short little animation thing from some clips from Full Metal Alchemist (yes Edward DID make it onto the top hottest anime guys list, this clip showcases his hotness quite well if I do say so myself.)

A lovely Edward Fruit

Here Edward makes another stunningly handsome appearance in Ouran High School Host Club, one of my personal favorites, as a fruit.

Now... This isn't mine but I think its adorable.

Now… This isn’t mine but I think its adorable.

Me: Do you hear that?

Ed: No?

Me: are you sure?

Ed: No what?

Me: I think- oh wait- look! There the masses of fangirls are! They’re coming this way!

WOW wow wow ED! there is NO need to get violent!

Here is a gorgeous Edward cosplay that truly captures how fruit like Ed is.

A fruit… and beansprout!

Personally I would NEVER eat fruit and beans together, (other then perhaps tomatoes) hows that? strawberry and black bean soup? Re-fried bean and oranges a la mode? (For you not well versed in the fancy naming of food types, a la mode means with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side)

ANNNDDD this blog post in Tea time with T is brought to you byyyyyyyy *drum roll*

Ed: what?


Well that escalated quickly.



4 thoughts on “An Edward Shark? Edward Fruit?

    • Non Zepher, Inz putz zees zings stugether ent un cause zy vas avoiding ze huumverks unts I found zem ammuzing. Das apple subscriberz zing unt teh frunt pagge vas unt mine inspirationz.

    • Ahhem. No Zepher, I put these things together because I was avoiding the homework and I found them amusing. That apple subscribers thing on the front page was my inspiration.

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