Ninjas Are NOT Eco-Friendly

As dedicated Naruto fans we have all come to a head-tilting, fangirl-screaming, tight-rope-walking agreement, that Ninjas, especially the Naruto kind, are NOT Eco-friendly. Now, don’t get too heated up about what I have to say, I know the environment is a touchy subject for some overly zealous plant people, like Zetsu.

Here is a prime example:

Before~ Lovely isn’t it? Nice… peaceful…

Then we add a ninja into the equation…

Then this happens :3

The results are something like this:

Expected reactions:

…That hole wasn’t there before the ninjas arrived.

Not to fear my friends, the ninjas aren’t a completely lost cause. In fact, just the other episode we saw a beautiful example of a ninja being Eco-friendly!

A stunning birds eye view of the gardening in process. Kill a ninja, grow a tree.

A stunning birds eye view of the gardening in process. Kill a ninja, grow a tree.



Alas all that was pointless, as Naruto (a ninja) summons a giant ninja frog that looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle, and they cause the ground to crack up, and not because they told a particularly funny joke.

Just like the ninjas in anime, the ninja gang, or at least me… I cant say for sure about the others… aren’t particularly Eco-friendly. I don’t normally recycle unless someone finds me in the act of throwing recyclable objects in the trash and I’m forced to walk to the recycle bin and do the right thing. Its not that I don’t like the environment… its just that the prospect that in 30 years or so I could be walking around in a super cool steam-punk gas-mask overrules my tree-huging tendencies.

Later loves!



2 thoughts on “Ninjas Are NOT Eco-Friendly

  1. Notice that the trees always seemed to be repaired before another fight, though. They wreck giant portions of the forest, and there’s still always plenty of trees surrounding the village.

  2. Duh. that’s the garden ninjas at work. We have the ninja tailors, the ninja cooks, and the ninja scribes. Now we’re introduced to a new type of ninja- the gardeners. Poor people. They have a lot of work on their hands…

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