Flashing Tulips

The second event in The Ultra Awesome Mega Super Sparkling Shiny INTER-GALACTIC Radical Stupendous chocolate-dipped Geek Tournament of Olympic ProportionsFind the first event at Switzerland’s Future Mecha Blaster (neutrality included).

Onto the second event: Yeah, the name’s pretty random, right? That was kind of the point, and Flashing Tulips might just be the most random title of all. However, when you follow our thought process, it will make complete sense. Promise.

Photography contest–> light –> Camera, action –> flashing lights –> Flashing camera bulbs –> bulb = tulip bulbs –> Hence, flashing tulips. Obvious, right? Bet you feel dumb now, that you didn’t figure it out.

Anyway, once you get past the confusing name (also serving to intimidate the competitors), the competition is simple. Everyone gets their cellphone, we switch them (important for blind judging), and then take one photo that will be presented to the  judges. Oh, and we have ten minutes.

Introducing the judges:

From far Czechoslovakia, Sophie F.J. Fitzerwald. This photojournalist amuses herself by flying over the Bermuda triangle and taking pictures of her toes, giving her the experience necessary to judge this prestigious contest.

And with us from Transylvania, Sir Phillip Arthur Septimus Poufknuckle the Fifth. This esteemed judge likes seeing how low he can get his blood pressure, jumping out of planes, and whale singing.

Onto the Contest:

(Play dramatic music of choice to add appropriate atmosphere. Which as we keep telling you, is a very important concept.)

We all spent ten terse minutes looking for the perfect shot around the house. Hugo spent all of those attempting to photograph the cat. What did he end up getting? Well, he got a photo of the cat- however, the cat was in the middle of moving at the time, and the resulting picture was blurry. He tried to pass it off as creative expression. Zepher went and photographed a picture of a landscape, which one could see was obviously a poster. Brilliant. Raven went and shot a gargoyle. Yes, we have two real, live gargoyles at this house. Aren’t you jealous? Quiche-kun took a picture of a wall hanging (not really a picture, per say), and Miss Demeanor ended with a shot of… the piano.

We handed the cellphones to the judges, begging them to keep in mind the difference in technology between a smart iphone thingy and a dinky cellphone that was old 6 years ago.

After hours of terse deliberation (OK, more like five minutes. Seemed like hours. We were really going for a tense atmosphere of competition here, and succeeded brilliantly.)

The Results:

For last place and two points: Hugo, with his blurry attempt at a cute cat picture. Apparently, the judges didn’t buy his explanation and ‘suppressed’ his creative expression of a totally-on-purpose blurry photo.

For Fourth place and four points: Zepher and her dumb picture of a picture idea that didn’t work too well…

For Third Place: Raven’s photograph of the gargoyle. This one was a fan favorite, and I thought it should have won, but apparently the parent judges weren’t into gargoyles. Go figure.

Second place for eight points… is Quiche-kun! Obviously, the wall hanging art thing he photographed was a favorite piece of the female judge. Good for Quiche-kun- this helps make up for his dismal flop in Switzerland’s Future Mecha Blaster.

Which means that first place, and the ten points again go to Miss Demeanor. This ten year old has pulled off a total sweep of the first two rounds! Even competing against the experienced ninja members of the Ninja Gang… The crowds are going wild! Entire fortunes have been won and lost in this single night!

Really, we all found this surprising turn of events, well, we found it pretty funny. There’s no hard feelings against the youngest competitor handing her elder’s butts to them on platters.

And the standings:

141 Black Ops Forces that are Special: 2 + 8 = 10 points

Super SHINee Fighting: 10 + 10 = 20 points

Zepher: 6 + 4 = 10 points

Raven: 4 + 6 = 10 points

Ice Dragons: 8 + 2 = 10 points

So really, we’re all tied at half as much as the leader.


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