Top Ten Anime Guys

Hello, masses of readers! It is I, Raven, who brings you a list of the top ten hottest (in my humble opinion) anime boys that I’ve encountered in my many anime-watching adventures. I’ll give each character two or three pictures. The rule is that I won’t repeat an anime–only one character per anime. Because of that, this isn’t the same as my list of favorite characters. It’s based mostly on looks. So here it is.

10) Light Yagami



Okay, so he’s a serial killer. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s hot. I’d have to say he’s just about tied with L, but as I’m only using one character per anime, he wins on the hotness scale.

9) Okumura Rin



Rin has a really intentionally impish look to him. It’s that mischievous countenance that really works for him. That’s probably why he beats his brother, Yukio, onto this list.

8) Uzumaki Naruto



Yeah, he was just a little obnoxious punk in the first show, but when he came back in Shippuden, he became amazing. And every time he gets some sort of an upgrade in his powers, he’s even cooler.

7) Howl Jenkins/Pendragon

Top Ten Anime Guys


Gak! I don’t know what to say about him. He’s one of my favorite characters, for more than just his looks. Howl’s Moving Castle was one of my first anime, so it’s sort of nostalgic and. . . yeah.

6) Tsukiyomi Ikuto



I admit it, I didn’t actually watch this anime. I just read the manga and saw a few scattered episodes of the anime.  But about Ikuto. He’s got it all–cat ears, blue hair, musical talent, a “bad boy” character, the cutest “chara” in the series, etc. Actually, he’s not my favorite character in Shugo Chara (Nagihiko is, because I have a thing for long hair and the color purple), but he’s definitely a fan favorite and he’s by far the best in looks.

5) Sabastian Michaelis



What can I say? He’s one hell of a butler.

4) Yatogami Kuroh

Yatogami kuroh sad scene



The art in this anime made all the characters beautiful, but Kuroh was the best. The long hair, the collected aura, the coat, the contrast of white and black (Y’know, Yashiro) and his cute side all added together. He can cook and sew and is really a lot softer than he seems. He’s called the “black dog,” partly because he’s so incredibly loyal. I finished K after I originally wrote this list, so I had to edit it some to fit him on in the right spot.

3) Heiwajima Shizuo




The cigarette. In real life, I find it gross, but with an anime character like this, it’s not. He wears the clothing his younger brother bought for him all the time, because it was a gift. He hates violence, but he has a terrible temper. He has a hot nemesis and the two of them literally tear the city apart fighting each other. Add some points for his blond hair. Pretty damn sexy. I’m tempted to put him in #1 or #2, but I’m afraid they’re already taken.

2) Edward Elric




I’ve yet to see a picture that does him complete justice. He’s one of those characters that looks better when animated than frozen in place. His long hair is so pretty! (I like the braid much better than the ponytail, by the way.) But I think what really does it for him (aside from the hair) is the metal arm. It was really cool. The alchemy, too. Edward really doesn’t look like your typical anime character, and I’m glad for it. He’s dimensional, well-rounded and altogether an incredible character.

1)  Lelouch vi Brittania/Lamperouge




This is it. Number one. Some people would call Lelouch a villain. Here at the Ninja Gang, we disagree. Lelouch gave his life to save his sister and his people, even fighting his family and those he loved. He did what he believed was right until the very end. Anyway, he’s at the top of this list because he’s freakin’ gorgeous.

By the way, I take no credit for any of the images.


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