More AMVs

In my last post about AMVs, I didn’t cover anywhere close to everything. So here is a second installment, with some more anime music videos that I find exceptional.

And that’s probably enough for one post. I hope you enjoyed watching them.



3 thoughts on “More AMVs

  1. hi!! what is up?!! you can probably guess who this is…., but i’ll keep it a secret for now
    by the way is thomas really there. why would you exaggerate over it if he was there, to make his life more interesting? anyways you people are super awesome and how do i join the ninja gang?

    • For one, we need to make sure our scores of readers know once and for all that Thomas does exist and is part of the Ninja Gang. We can’t have any doubt on that part.

      And as for why we would exaggerate over it, well, it makes our lives more interesting (and yours too, apparently, if you’re pondering this) to have Thomas there. In spirit.

      Watch Naruto.

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