Book Titles

Here is a list of titles found in a single certain bookcase, as part one of the story of lists. Read the whole list. Seriously, it’s pretty good. If you share our subtle wit.

  • Velocity
  • Balancing Books on Your Head
  • The Return of the Unicorn
  • The Voyage of the Pigeons
  • 32 Ways to Fold Toilet Paper
  • How to Be Popular
  • Culinary Arts: Painting with Poise
  • 20 Steps to Being Funny
  • How to Build a Fence and Sit on It
  • Fabric Prints
  • Beauty Made Easy
  • Geometric Calculatory¬† Options
  • Instant Ramen for Dummies
  • 89 Household Tips
  • Instruction Manual for Hardwood Chair
  • Threading a Needle
  • How to Avoid Big Ships
  • The Extinction of Platypeople
  • The Dangers of Ceiling Fans
  • The Art of Butlers: Silverware as Weapons
  • Good Reasons to Avoid Fairies
  • Keep Scrubbing until the House Flies Will Slip if They Land
  • Good Music and Bad Music
  • Grandfather Clocks Make Great Hiding Places
  • Florence and Bath Slipper
  • Why Headbands are In
  • The Laughing Parsnip
  • How to Avoid Answering the Phone
  • Eggs and Potatoes: So Many Possibilities!
  • Turnips Make Great Pets!
  • The Man Who Discovered Artichokes Were Edible
  • The Missing Gate
  • The Hot Door
  • The Tales of Horace
  • Gate in the Bridge
  • The Prospero: Suspicious Boats
  • Get Out of the Way!

Why don’t you look some of them up at your local library? You might learn a thing or two.


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