My Top Six Convention Events

Why do people go to cosplay conventions? Mainly, it’s to socialize. It’s quite common to see groups of friends in costume sitting around in the hallways, talking and playing card games and the like. Of course, Artist’s Alley and the Dealer’s Room are always large attractions, too, and are often packed. There are people who spend the entire weekend in the arcade, and others watching anime that they could just as easily watch at home on their laptops. The thing is, you can hang out with your regular friends any time you want. You could wear costumes, too. And overall, it would cost a lot less money. Why bother? That’s why there are events at a convention. These are often great opportunities to meet people, and they can be a ton of fun. Why pay to go to a convention if you don’t attend any of the events? I am going to list six of my favorite events that I would recommend to anyone.

6) Panels. Depending on the size, these can be pretty interactive. I’ve been to panels with voice actors where everyone sits in a circle on the floor because there are so few people there. Most of the guests have a good sense of humor, so panels are usually pretty entertaining.

5) AMV Contest. I can’t really say much about this event because there isn’t much to say. You know, they play AMVs on a screen and everybody cheers. Being a creator of AMVs myself, I like this event a lot. At small conventions like mine, they’re rarely impressive, but it’s still fun.

4) Dead Town/Paranoia. These are RPG events. Even if your convention doesn’t have these specific games, it probably has something similar. They’re interactive stories, kind of. Dead Town is a sort of multiple choice game where the audience talks and collectively decides how to deal with a situation. Paranoia is every man for himself, and you really only know what’s going on in a couple of situations, until everything is revealed at the end. It’s confusing at first, but if you know what you’re supposed to be doing, it can be a lot of fun. These are some of the best ways to meet people at a convention, because you’re forced to talk to them.

3) Battle Karaoke/Karaoke Quest. At the conventions where I live, these are common. Karaoke Quest is a little like Dead Town in that the audience gets to decide what to do, although the story isn’t as flexible. Then the characters run into some sort of obstacle, and the audience sings to get them out of it. Battle Karaoke is a contest in which there are several teams that take turns singing and performing amusing tasks that often involve the audience. The audience is also the judge.

2) Battle Cosplay. On one hand, this event can be incredibly lame, with characters you barely recognize pretending to attack each other, swing after boring swing. On the other hand, you can get lucky and there will be a lot of characters you know. If you’re even luckier, the cosplayers will be creative with their attacks, and this can be really funny and sometimes even produce fan service.

1) Cosplay Contest/Masquerade. Contrary to many people, I find that the skits are the best part of this event. If you come to a convention to see costumes, then this is the best place for you. It’s usually the biggest event of the convention.

Overall, I find that I like events that are interactive more than those where you sit there and watch or listen to something/someone. Of course, it’s all personal preference, though. If there is one of these events that you haven’t attended, I think you should definitely give it a try at your next convention.



6 thoughts on “My Top Six Convention Events

  1. I like Dead Town. Just saying. Running from hoards of ravenous zombies in the dead of night is definitely my idea of a good time. Seriously.

    • Oh. I knew that. I was just keeping you on your toes. Making sure you knew your facts. It’s good practice and all. Fortunately, you passed my clever test! Congratulations.

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