Top Ten Anime Guys

Hello, masses of readers! It is I, Raven, who brings you a list of the top ten hottest (in my humble opinion) anime boys that I’ve encountered in my many anime-watching adventures. I’ll give each character two or three pictures. The rule is that I won’t repeat an anime–only one character per anime. Because of that, this isn’t the same as my list of favorite characters. It’s based mostly on looks. So here it is.

10) Light Yagami



Okay, so he’s a serial killer. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s hot. I’d have to say he’s just about tied with L, but as I’m only using one character per anime, he wins on the hotness scale.

9) Okumura Rin



Rin has a really intentionally impish look to him. It’s that mischievous countenance that really works for him. That’s probably why he beats his brother, Yukio, onto this list.

8) Uzumaki Naruto



Yeah, he was just a little obnoxious punk in the first show, but when he came back in Shippuden, he became amazing. And every time he gets some sort of an upgrade in his powers, he’s even cooler.

7) Howl Jenkins/Pendragon

Top Ten Anime Guys


Gak! I don’t know what to say about him. He’s one of my favorite characters, for more than just his looks. Howl’s Moving Castle was one of my first anime, so it’s sort of nostalgic and. . . yeah.

6) Tsukiyomi Ikuto



I admit it, I didn’t actually watch this anime. I just read the manga and saw a few scattered episodes of the anime.  But about Ikuto. He’s got it all–cat ears, blue hair, musical talent, a “bad boy” character, the cutest “chara” in the series, etc. Actually, he’s not my favorite character in Shugo Chara (Nagihiko is, because I have a thing for long hair and the color purple), but he’s definitely a fan favorite and he’s by far the best in looks.

5) Sabastian Michaelis



What can I say? He’s one hell of a butler.

4) Yatogami Kuroh

Yatogami kuroh sad scene



The art in this anime made all the characters beautiful, but Kuroh was the best. The long hair, the collected aura, the coat, the contrast of white and black (Y’know, Yashiro) and his cute side all added together. He can cook and sew and is really a lot softer than he seems. He’s called the “black dog,” partly because he’s so incredibly loyal. I finished K after I originally wrote this list, so I had to edit it some to fit him on in the right spot.

3) Heiwajima Shizuo




The cigarette. In real life, I find it gross, but with an anime character like this, it’s not. He wears the clothing his younger brother bought for him all the time, because it was a gift. He hates violence, but he has a terrible temper. He has a hot nemesis and the two of them literally tear the city apart fighting each other. Add some points for his blond hair. Pretty damn sexy. I’m tempted to put him in #1 or #2, but I’m afraid they’re already taken.

2) Edward Elric




I’ve yet to see a picture that does him complete justice. He’s one of those characters that looks better when animated than frozen in place. His long hair is so pretty! (I like the braid much better than the ponytail, by the way.) But I think what really does it for him (aside from the hair) is the metal arm. It was really cool. The alchemy, too. Edward really doesn’t look like your typical anime character, and I’m glad for it. He’s dimensional, well-rounded and altogether an incredible character.

1)  Lelouch vi Brittania/Lamperouge




This is it. Number one. Some people would call Lelouch a villain. Here at the Ninja Gang, we disagree. Lelouch gave his life to save his sister and his people, even fighting his family and those he loved. He did what he believed was right until the very end. Anyway, he’s at the top of this list because he’s freakin’ gorgeous.

By the way, I take no credit for any of the images.


More AMVs

In my last post about AMVs, I didn’t cover anywhere close to everything. So here is a second installment, with some more anime music videos that I find exceptional.

And that’s probably enough for one post. I hope you enjoyed watching them.


Book Titles

Here is a list of titles found in a single certain bookcase, as part one of the story of lists. Read the whole list. Seriously, it’s pretty good. If you share our subtle wit.

  • Velocity
  • Balancing Books on Your Head
  • The Return of the Unicorn
  • The Voyage of the Pigeons
  • 32 Ways to Fold Toilet Paper
  • How to Be Popular
  • Culinary Arts: Painting with Poise
  • 20 Steps to Being Funny
  • How to Build a Fence and Sit on It
  • Fabric Prints
  • Beauty Made Easy
  • Geometric Calculatory  Options
  • Instant Ramen for Dummies
  • 89 Household Tips
  • Instruction Manual for Hardwood Chair
  • Threading a Needle
  • How to Avoid Big Ships
  • The Extinction of Platypeople
  • The Dangers of Ceiling Fans
  • The Art of Butlers: Silverware as Weapons
  • Good Reasons to Avoid Fairies
  • Keep Scrubbing until the House Flies Will Slip if They Land
  • Good Music and Bad Music
  • Grandfather Clocks Make Great Hiding Places
  • Florence and Bath Slipper
  • Why Headbands are In
  • The Laughing Parsnip
  • How to Avoid Answering the Phone
  • Eggs and Potatoes: So Many Possibilities!
  • Turnips Make Great Pets!
  • The Man Who Discovered Artichokes Were Edible
  • The Missing Gate
  • The Hot Door
  • The Tales of Horace
  • Gate in the Bridge
  • The Prospero: Suspicious Boats
  • Get Out of the Way!

Why don’t you look some of them up at your local library? You might learn a thing or two.

Please (don’t) do it yourself

Finally, a post from Zepher! The theoretical masses were about to riot, and the proverbial fat people at the top of the proverbial line were about to proverbially fire me. Fortunately, I now have several drafts in progress, and this new, brilliantly paced post. If you want to get mad at someone, go hit Thomas!!! He hasn’t written anything at all!! OHHH, he’s bigger than you and I’m not, huh? Is that it?!? (GET ON WITH IT!) Okay, okay, hold your horses… Come to think of it, what does OK mean anyway? Okey dokey? ‘Cause that sounds really stupid. Not to mention, ‘dokey’ doesn’t start with a ‘k’. Perhaps it means obvious katastrophe. (sorry about the atrocious spelling and the rather lame acronym. Best I have on short notice. As you can see, I’m not the one who runs Zenith Enterprises Acronym Providing Service.)

Get on with it! Or I will release the Kraken… in your bathtub!

Ohhh, after that threat I had really better get on with it.

Recently, I had the dubious pleasure of taking a drive through Oregon. Oh, did I just reveal where I live? No, I’m much too clever for that. See, I don’t live in Oregon! Now, for all you creepy stalker types out there, that just narrows it down to forty-nine other states. Helpful, huh? Actually, that would be forty-eight if you’re clever, because I probably don’t live in Hawaii. If I did, why the heck would I be driving across Oregon at this time of year? Exactly.

Actually, Oregon was very cold and icy and unpleasant, as I am used to much warmer climes. Oh, another clue? Could be, or I could just be trying to throw you off. I’m tricky like that.

So now for my observations about the boring state of Oregon. Sorry to all you Oregonians, but honestly, I did not see a single dinosaur statute by the side of the road. Not a single one! People, you need to keep your state up to code. The Ninja Gang has standards! But besides the disappointing lack of dinosaurs (and yes, where we live, we do have them. Another clue? Geez, you’re desperate if you really think that’s going to tell you.), Oregon had some advantages and some disadvantages.

Advantage: Here it is. Get ready…. NO SALES TAX!!!! People in California gasp in disbelief! But yes, it’s true (seriously). Oregon has absolutely no sales tax! I was in the self check out line buying a DVD of Monty Python bonus features, and the price appeared as 9.99.   And then guess what? I clicked the finish transaction button… … … and the final price was still 9.99!!!!! I nearly fainted. But, before you go flocking over there in untold droves, remember that Oregon still sucks to live in because it has super high property taxes to make up for the lack of sales tax. If the government doesn’t steal your money one way, it must find another, right? Because, you know, the government not stealing your moneywould be unthinkable…


Imagine the scene. You’re in a normal state, and you drive into a gas station. You get out of you car, insert your credit card. You take the nozzle out, insert it into your car. Then you fill your tank, complete the transaction, and go on your merry way. The whole scene takes less than five minutes, right?

Not if you’re in Oregon…

You can read. You see what it says.

Directions for getting a full tank of gas in Oregon. (Correction. Directions for sitting in your car waiting for someone else to get you a full tank of gas in Oregon)

Step one: Drive into gas station and pull up to pump.

Step two: Sit in your car for about five minutes, until the guy listening to heavy metal music at eighty decibels in the station realizes you’er actually there. Honking your horn a few times can help speed this step up.

Step three: Sit in your car and hand the guy your credit card for him to insert in the slot. Because in Oregon, everyone knows its the highly dangerous job of highly trained professionals to insert those highly volatile credit cards into the slots. Ahh, those brave gas station attendants.

Step four:  Sit in your car and wait for him to insert the nozzle into your car. Because, honestly, you’re not capable of doing this yourself. Are you noticing a trend here?

Step five: Sit in your car waiting for the tank to fill. (the only step that’s the same in both scenarios)

Step six: Sit in your car waiting about ten minutes for the one guy to make his way around to the seven other cars and insert their gas pumps. Because they’re all hopeless incompetents too.

Step seven: Finally, he’s back. Sit in your car and wait for him to take the nozzle out of your car and put it back on the pump.

Step eight: Sit in your car and wait for him to get your receipt out of the machine. Again, it’s working around those credit cards, and should be left to the pros.

Step nine: Drive out of this place as fast as you can! You’ve already wasted about a quarter of an hour paying someone to do something for you that you’ve only done about a zillion times.

Step ten: Repeat when you need gas again.

Yep, that’s what we went through in every single darn gas station in Oregon. It is against the law to fill up your own gas tank. Nope, you have to pay extra to get their highly trained sulky teenagers to do this dangerous task for you.

Those elite few…

Signing off because I need to go watch some anime,


My Top Six Convention Events

Why do people go to cosplay conventions? Mainly, it’s to socialize. It’s quite common to see groups of friends in costume sitting around in the hallways, talking and playing card games and the like. Of course, Artist’s Alley and the Dealer’s Room are always large attractions, too, and are often packed. There are people who spend the entire weekend in the arcade, and others watching anime that they could just as easily watch at home on their laptops. The thing is, you can hang out with your regular friends any time you want. You could wear costumes, too. And overall, it would cost a lot less money. Why bother? That’s why there are events at a convention. These are often great opportunities to meet people, and they can be a ton of fun. Why pay to go to a convention if you don’t attend any of the events? I am going to list six of my favorite events that I would recommend to anyone.

6) Panels. Depending on the size, these can be pretty interactive. I’ve been to panels with voice actors where everyone sits in a circle on the floor because there are so few people there. Most of the guests have a good sense of humor, so panels are usually pretty entertaining.

5) AMV Contest. I can’t really say much about this event because there isn’t much to say. You know, they play AMVs on a screen and everybody cheers. Being a creator of AMVs myself, I like this event a lot. At small conventions like mine, they’re rarely impressive, but it’s still fun.

4) Dead Town/Paranoia. These are RPG events. Even if your convention doesn’t have these specific games, it probably has something similar. They’re interactive stories, kind of. Dead Town is a sort of multiple choice game where the audience talks and collectively decides how to deal with a situation. Paranoia is every man for himself, and you really only know what’s going on in a couple of situations, until everything is revealed at the end. It’s confusing at first, but if you know what you’re supposed to be doing, it can be a lot of fun. These are some of the best ways to meet people at a convention, because you’re forced to talk to them.

3) Battle Karaoke/Karaoke Quest. At the conventions where I live, these are common. Karaoke Quest is a little like Dead Town in that the audience gets to decide what to do, although the story isn’t as flexible. Then the characters run into some sort of obstacle, and the audience sings to get them out of it. Battle Karaoke is a contest in which there are several teams that take turns singing and performing amusing tasks that often involve the audience. The audience is also the judge.

2) Battle Cosplay. On one hand, this event can be incredibly lame, with characters you barely recognize pretending to attack each other, swing after boring swing. On the other hand, you can get lucky and there will be a lot of characters you know. If you’re even luckier, the cosplayers will be creative with their attacks, and this can be really funny and sometimes even produce fan service.

1) Cosplay Contest/Masquerade. Contrary to many people, I find that the skits are the best part of this event. If you come to a convention to see costumes, then this is the best place for you. It’s usually the biggest event of the convention.

Overall, I find that I like events that are interactive more than those where you sit there and watch or listen to something/someone. Of course, it’s all personal preference, though. If there is one of these events that you haven’t attended, I think you should definitely give it a try at your next convention.


Keeping it Geeky on Christmas Break

For most people, Christmas is a time of friends and family, with lots of annoying relatives that everyone claims to love and hate at the same time. Seriously, if they cause so much of a problem, why have them over for Christmas? This year, I found myself exceedingly thankful that my family has always kept Christmas small–no spoiled cousins or relatives that take up your room and make you sleep elsewhere so you feel really awkward just going into your own bedroom to get some clothing to wear. Nope, none of that here. Most of my Christmas break was spent with myself, which I found to be a rather pleasant experience.

T. and I got together and made Harry Potter wands.IMG_7758

Here is a picture of mine. It’s kind of blurry, because I seem to be incapable of holding the camera perfectly still. In case you were wondering, it’s ten inches, fir, unyielding, with a phoenix feather core. I’m very happy with it.

On Christmas day, my family made gingerbread houses from scratch. Mine was a TARDIS. Here is a picture of it.


I couldn’t get the blue quite the right color, and there aren’t any windows. It’s made from gingerbread and icing, mostly. The light on the top is red licorice. There are aliens surrounding it, and if you look behind it, there’s an alien fort.

The Ninja Gang, minus Thomas, went to see the Hobbit. We were all impressed, with only a few minor complaints. Zepher spent a lot of time preparing for a competition, and I watched anime.

Like normal, the Ninja Gang is keeping things geeky. I must now go retrieve my giant German pancake from the oven.


What sort of interesting things did you do for Christmas break?