Hello! So lately we’ve been covering poetry in my English class. I’ve gotten to write a few, and I thought I’d share some with you~ (oh gosh, all this rhyming is getting to my head I think)

How I Don’t Need You
By T.

Its not fun being replaced
No sir its not
But theres one thing you forgot
I have the birds and the trees
And most impotently I have me
But you do not
Remember it next time you knock
That I always keep my door locked
Don’t worry it’s not me its you
No need to think it through
You no longer need me?
Well good.
I have things to do.

Here is a Christmas greeting poem:

By T.

A Merry Christmas
From the Doctor to you
From every galaxy and every planet
“The Doctor,” they say “Doctor who?”

For always around this time of year
The Doctor comes to save the holiday cheer
In the Tardis that’s always Tardis Blue
He stops the aliens from killing me and you

With Donna, Martha, Rory, Amy and Rose
On Christmas back to Planet Earth, London, England he goes
He might be wearing pajamas or a bow tie
it won’t matter either or…
If you see him on the Titanic, just remember he’s a time lord

So sit by the fire with fishfingers and custard
with your family and friends
And listen for the sound of the Tardis outside
For maybe the Doctor will stop by for dinner just this once
And just maybe He’ll need you at his side

Here is a poem about Socialism to brighten up your day! ciismloSa is Socialism mixed up btw. Scronmemos is commoners mixed up and Mosaic Sail Mi is I am socialism mixed up. =) just thought I’d clarify it a bit.

By T.

There once was a place
A fantastic place
Where the scornmemos
With their silly, happy, flappy faces
Played in the lulgrid grasses

They were so carefree
Until one day you see
They got into a fight
About which one was wrong
And which one was right

But the fighting kept on
Over this thing and that
They fought over land
They fought over knickknacks

Until one day a short, fat scornmemo said
I’ve had enough!
Listen to what I’ve got
His name was Mosaic Sail Mi
And he had the cure
To all the arguing debris

If Mosaic Sail Mi took all of their things
From the socks on their feet to their muddle ming beans
Then handed them out equally
By golly they would quabble and quarrel no more!
Because all of the things they’d been quabbling for
Would be everyones
Not theirs anymore

Heres one last one that is actually for my story not English class…

The Quiet Candle:

By T.

A Farer Fellow Still he Lay
Better he know up from down
Right he stepped on fevered ground
And left he lay on coldest ways
Firsts he found the antler a three
To drag on mountain high
Wither away on springs dawning
Run on autumns sigh
Held three to precious rosy skin
Aglow with new delight
Save the willow and bring the snow
On marrow’s be the divide
Be gone you will if petals grow
Still be quite in candle glow
Lights the day the man grew old
Left me here in winter cold

Thoughts? Let me know which one you like best~


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