In which we are absent in more ways then one?

Hello my fellow tea and coffee enthusiasts~ Today I’m drinking coffee instead of tea because school stress levels are high. I’m sure you know what I mean. Certain *cough* history *cough* teachers feel it is their duty to make things as boring and time consuming as possible by assigning busy work and doing nothing but recapping what we read about at home the next day at school. I being the ever loyal procrastinator have come here to update and procrastinate.

I do apologize for our absentness, we’ve been absent from here and absent of mind. At least I have about the second part. We’ve been busy with things like student council (three of us) and college finals (two of us) and over procrastinating (one of us) Frankly I do no know what the other two have been doing, but I assure you even Thomas was doing something.

On other news it is now December, and that means holidays and snow… or so we like to think. It’s not like we live in Hawaii or California, it should atleast be cold outside. But nooo, I went outside barefoot and sleeveless today and didn’t even get chilled. Ha! An ever Happy Holidays to you and may all you ski seasons be white.

With much love and simplicity…


Heres an awesome song:


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