Tomodachi Fest 2012

As you might have heard, T and Raven spent the past weekend at Tomodachi Fest, the fall cosplay convention where we live. So here are some pictures.

T was C.C. (pronounced C2) and Konata. Raven was Sakura (from Tsubasa Chronicles) and Kagami. Yutaka was another friend, not part of the ninja gang.

There were a lot of awesome costumes, and a lot more not so awesome costumes. And, of course, people who didn’t cosplay at all. Overall, it was very fun. Raven got motion sickness from playing arcade games, and then got sick from eating badly, and everyone had headaches from the wigs. We spent too much money and didn’t stay out as late as we planned, and then slept in later than we planned, etc. And I don’t have anything particularly funny to say.

Aren’t armadillos cute?


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