Dares, Sewing, and Skirts

Previously on the Adventures of the Ninja Gang. . .

The Ninja Gang got together for a sleep-over party! And Thomas definitely was there, even if the adults didn’t seem to notice him (odd, right?). We drove down the road to Dairy Queen where we played Dare or Dare, because the truth is boring. Hugo blew kisses at random people, Zepher announced “Pasta!” excitedly to some men that thought we were middle-schoolers, Thomas and Raven did a waltz while singing the Barney song, and T ate mustard.

The next day we pinned and cut and pinned some more and cut again and played video games. The mess at my house after a party consists of fabric scraps carpeting the floor, games and controllers spewing from beneath the TV screen, piles of pattern paper gathered against furniture like snow drifts, partly-finished pieces of costumes balanced on top of other bits of mess, the ironing board covered in stuff that shouldn’t ever be ironed, and sewing tools everywhere but their proper location.
This was the result of a full day of cosplay-making. Zepher and Raven (me) got our costumes cut, but nothing more, because we still need iron-on interfacing. Bleh (to the sludge). Who would have predicted that? (The answer is the back of the pattern, but don’t tell anyone.) So now we’re on hold until we get some interfacing. In case you didn’t know (and you had no way of knowing, so you’d better not unless you’ve talked to us about it in person) we’re all doing Naruto cosplays. Zepher shall be Sasori, while I, Raven, shall play Deidara. T is going to be Gaara, and the other member shall be Kakashi.

Tomodachi Fest is this weekend. Gasp! T and Raven are going, but the Naruto cosplays aren’t finished. Whatever shall we do? Actually, we’re planning on wearing cosplays from previous years. However, it’s November. The costumes from previous years were for a Summer convention. That’s right, T and Raven will be braving the cold in mini skirts!

T as Konata, Raven as Kagami

Next time: T and Raven’s small convention experience! What will happen at Tomodachi Fest? Will T make new friends? Will Raven find her camera in time? Will they make it to the convention center through Black Friday traffic? Find out on the next installment!



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