Hello, this is Raven, reporting stuff for the fifth time. I might even report stuff a sixth or seventh time, if I feel like it. That is, should you be so lucky!

Now, for my pleasant anime review: Gosick. And yes, the title of the anime definitely tells you what it’s about.

Gosick is a mystery-thriller-romance anime, and one of my all-time favorites. The animation was beautiful, the characters were vivid, and the story was compelling. It’s really unique, because mystery animes are pretty scarce in the first place, and this one was done so beautifully.

The anime follows the story of a boy named Kujo, a Japanese foreign exchange student in a fictional European country called Saubure.

It takes place not long before World War Two. (It’s not a historical anime! Really! Just because it takes place a while ago doesn’t mean it’s historical. It doesn’t focus on those kind of events. It’s purely fictional.)

Victorique de Blois

C’mon. Who doesn’t love a lolita? Especially a golden-haired tsun-tsun, who solves mysteries and pretends to smoke a pipe. You’re already falling on love with her, right? Not quite convinced? Alright. Here.

Loli with a gun. Irrisistable. Victorique (yes, it’s spelled with a Q, but it’s pronounced “Vic-tor-ee-ka”) is really the life of the show. She’s extremely entertaining, not to mention adorable. She’s demanding and childish, but incredibly clever. And she has an impeccable fashion sense.

Kujo finds Victorique at the top of the library tower, where she sits all day, reading instead of attending her classes. She’s not allowed to leave the school grounds, and thus spends the majority of her life in the garden at the top of the tower. She’s called the Wise Gray Wolf, which relates to a specific ghost story, and she loves to solve mysteries. Her half-brother, Grevil de Blois, is an investigator with a ridiculous hairdo. He brings the cases he can’t solve to her for help. These puzzles are the spice of her life. Or, in her case, sweets.

There are three general types of plots in anime: the kind that span over the entire series, the kind that only last a few episodes before moving on the the next plot, usually unrelated, and the kind the combine the first two. Gosick falls somewhere between the second and third category. At first, all the plots are individual stories that stand on their own, each of them based off a ghost story. The later plot arches come together as Kujo and Victorique set on a quest to prove the innocence of Victorique’s mother, and reveal all sorts of dark secrets from the past.

Overall, this anime was one of the best I’ve ever seen. The only reason not to watch it is that can be rather graphic at times, and spooky since it has a lot to do with ghost stories. It kept me engaged the entire way through. Kujo’s loyalty to Victorique is heartwarming, and I loved watching them grow to be so dependent on each other. It really keeps you emotionally involved.

Anyway, you should definitely watch this if you have any interest in mysteries, ghost stories, or lolitas. For now, here’s an amv.

~Raven (with a little help from Zepher)


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