The most recent adventure (actually, not anymore)

On Friday, World War II heated back up, only this time the Allies and the Axis were armed with nerf guns. The territories being defended consisted of Upstairs and Downstairs.

The Axis powers began Upstairs, and raced to disarm the oven bomb* that the Allies set up in their Downstairs camp. Did the Allies think about how the exploding oven bomb would decimate their own camp, instead? No. No, they did not.

*About the oven bomb: This fearsome new invention was invented by Britain by accident as a result of his horrible food. It was then approved and developed for war, partly because Japan never uses ovens, so he wouldn’t know what the heck it was.*

Britain inventing the OVEN BOMB!!!

Zepher and Raven began their military careers as Axis Powers (boom.), namely Germany and Italy (guess which one played which). T was deathly ill, and so did not get to play Japan.

Hugo and an unnamed friend, now revealed as Quiche-kun,  (Thomas still has not shown up) played the earnest Allies, Britain and America (being the hero as usual). Ferocious battles were fought, then abandoned when America accused the rest of the world of cheating. Spoil sport.

After that, we went and fought off the invading Mongol Hordes (led by none other than Light Yagami himself) in the park, while getting compliments on our awesome sword moves.

Intense games of Mao were also fought, involving the near impossible feat of jumping up and slapping your bottom while not letting your feet touch the floor (see, I told you we were ninjas). Other rules included kissing the table and taunting people. Cakesniffers!

We also watched the old movie Dentist on the Job, for like the five hundredth time, because that’s pretty much the Ninja Gang’s favoritest movie ever. Well, there is Lord of the Rings, but you can’t really compare the two. (For those of you who are not intensely acquainted with the world’s greatest comedy group, that’s Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail. Come on, people, are you geeks or not?)

And that’s the way we roll.

By the way. Legolas.


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