This book stinks!

I’ve noticed that when you glance at the reviews on the back of books you’re considering reading, they are all positive reviews. Every single one of them raves about the book.

“It was the greatest book I ever read! Wonderful! Amazing! It changed my life! Twice, in fact!”


“You have to read this! I loved this book! I loved this book! In fact, I loved this book so much that I’m going to write it twice!! And use exclamation points in every single sentence to show my enthusiasm!”


“Once again, another brilliant book from so and so. Perfectly paced, pleasingly plotted, and pleasantly perfected. In fact, I was so impressed, I included alliteration in this review as a method of expressing my admiration.”

Okay, so these might be slightly exaggerated, but do you see what I mean? Every single book ‘criticism’ on the back cover is talking about how good the book is. And you know what? That doesn’t help anyone at all. If every single comment says that every single book is good, how the heck am I supposed to find an actual good one? Interruption: Err… it’s a technique called reading the book, Zepher. Back to program: I just interrupted my own rant there. That is a good technique, though, and it’s looking like it’s the only way.

Actually, I did find one review once, in England, on the back of a book that read “This book should be burned!” Apparently, the Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, was a rather controversial book when it came out. The Scottish Post wrote that the book should be burned, and the edition I was looking at included that negative comment on the back. This caused me to be so curious (a negative review? Published on the back??) that I immediately went and read the book. And found out the that Scottish Post was absolutely correct.



2 thoughts on “This book stinks!

  1. Thats great, your totally right, I think I’d be much more tempted to read a book that had “every copy of this book should be burned and then the ashes should be put at the bottom of the ocean” on it! :/ thinking about it that way though, I’m tempted to do something about it…

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