Major milepost number 3.7

Well, we can officially be found on Google, now. If you type in the ninja gang, scroll past about two pages of boring hoo-hum, you come to us. *sniff sniff*. It’s a dream come true.

However, as I was looking for the ninja gang’s very own personalized niche on Google, I came across some pages reporting about ninja gang violence, like beating people up and nasty stuff like that. How rude. I can give you my personal assurance, the ninja gang does not endorse violence of  any kind (except against really good food). We have not participated in any sort of that nasty stuff, and don’t plan to. After all, we have much better things to do. Out battle is with boredom and mediocrity,  not people! Plus, beating people up is rude. As I believe already mentioned, I don’t like rudeness.

I also found a bunch of stuff about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Apparently, some people refer to them as a ‘ninja gang’. Let me make something clear, once and for all. WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE OVERGROWN, TALKING REPTILES ENTERING PUBERTY IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!! HEAR ME? NOT AFFILIATED!!! Whew. That felt better. I’m glad you know our position on that. Though I must note, Hugo and I do have a nostalgic fondness for cartoons, TMNT among them.

I read a piece of advice once, on how to make your blog move up in search rankings. It said that the more links you had to you blog, and the more links you had on your blog, the more Google would pick it up. Well, I have absolutely no idea if that is true, but just in case, I’m going to give you three links to random websites, in the hope that it will make Google friendlier to us. Here they are:

One is a really catchy tune that will get stuck in your head and annoy you all day, one is a glossary of rather outdated terms, and the other is a sample of medieval poetry, complete in its original middle English. Take that, Google. I’m also going try adding these websites (and maybe more random ones) something called the ‘links’ section. I would have done it from here, but I would have had to navigate away from this page and lose all that brilliant, yet unsaved work. Frankly, I wasn’t willing to risk it.



P.S. Would you look at that (please see above. It’s pretty obvious.). The youtube link went and showed up as a video right on the webpage. Well, I suppose that counts. Hah! A triumph! Over the forces of… whatever it is that is opposing us! Yeah!

P.P.S. (Or is it P.S.S.? Or maybe- no, I’m going with P.P.S.) Well folks, I tried it, I tried it again, I tried it for a third and final time, and… I failed all three. I have no idea how to add an official link in the official link section of the blog. All I can say is… “Phooey.” Well, I warned you, I am technologically inept. Sometimes, I’m amazed I can use my email.


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