Ninja Butlers and Color Gangs

With the Ninja Gang, everything is always about what we’re currently watching. That is to say, anime inspires us. Originally, the Ninja Gang was called “the Ninja Club,” as we were just a group of Narutards. The title was debated for a while, and nobody ever came up with anything that we could agree on. Zepher replaced the word “Club” with “Gang” probably because she thought it sounded better, and it sort of caught on.

However, recently, some of us watched the anime Durarara!! (which, if you didn’t know, is the sound effect for revving an engine). It’s about color gangs in Ikebukuro. We immediately thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a gang like the Dollars?” Joining the Dollars is one thing, just like signing up for any other online forum, only with an added coolness factor.  Clearly, we’re nothing like the Dollars. But we wanted to go with a sort of color-gang feel, without the violence. Currently, we’re working on matching articles of clothing that will be a sort of distinguishing symbol for us. But they’re secret until they’re finished!

As for the Ninja Gang, joining is not currently an option for you. We’re a happy party of five adventurers and we plan on keeping it that way as long as we feel like it. And when and if we do eventually let another member into the Ninja Gang, we will come up with a new initiation process then.

Where do butlers come in? Um… well, they don’t, really. They’re just cool. Cool enough, in fact, to get a place in the title of this post without actually having anything to do with it. Throwing eating utensils? Maybe we’ll have to get some plastic forks so nobody gets hurt. If you want more information on this, inquire about “Zenith Enterprises.”



5 thoughts on “Ninja Butlers and Color Gangs

  1. BTW. teatimewitht, I know who you are (T. Sora), but what are you going to call yourself on this? Or are we sticking with T. Sora?

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