In which we drink tea?

Why HELLOOOOO~ They introduced me as T. Sora but we shall call me just T. Yes I believe that’s how it will go down. Apparently I am part of this, and I very well should be, though my priorities are set on procrastination. Onto the subject of my group status thing though I believe if we have a reader, writer, and a… monkey. Well there’s one other but at this point who knows about what he’ll have to say. I’d say if they are those, then I’m the informer. (oh btw, if you didn’t guess I’m the unique on in the group… yes the only one with not brown hair!) Lets just say that I know the most about a lot of things unrelated to educational subjects. Like anime, my list is around 117 I believe, I’ve also read the most manga. Actually I’m the one who has been into all this the longest also. I just happen to know the most about cosplaying, korean dramas, computers, varieties of music and other slightly pointless things. I’ve considered become agoraphobic, but I don’t think that’s something you can just decide for yourself.

Lets see, since the others are far more likely to post lengthy ramblings we will keep mine short, how’s that? We can drink a cup of tea, of coffee, which ever your in the mood for. Chat about the others, introduce you to a new song or two, show off a few bits of my artwork perhaps. On top of that I happen to be the only one who bothers to take photographs of us so I suppose I’ll take charge of that maybe? We’ll see. Until then, stay classy, wear top hats and if ever possible, purple mustaches.

Look at this… this is what awesome people say.


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