I’m Raven. It seems as if we’re all doing introductions. Even if we aren’t, we should. Thus, if you are reading this, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments.

Sooo… Do you know how to tell the difference between ravens and crows? You probably don’t. Alright, I’ll put it straight and simple.  Both are part of the family Corvidae, known as Corvids. They’re actually a songbird family that includes magpies and jays. These birds are some of the cleverest creatures on the planet, along with elephants. They’re remarkable parrots. Not literally, but in the sense that they can imitate just about any sound. In fact, it’s easier to teach a raven or a crow to speak human language than a real parrot. As for the difference, there are many ways to tell. Ravens make more of a trilling sound. I personally find it beautiful and calming. Crows tend to have a flatter, higher-pitched voice that creates their characteristic sound they are known so well for. Ravens are bigger, but you usually can’t tell this if they’re far away, or even close up if you don’t have a crow to compare to. Ravens are smarter, and thus they don’t make good pets because they will always find a way to escape and make a mess of things. They can be dangerous, too. Okay, you get the point. There are a bunch of tiny physical traits that distinguish them. But what if you can’t recognize them like that? Not good at identifying birds? I have a solution. You’ll impress people with your knowledge if you can tell the difference between a crow and a raven on sight. The trick is not to look at the bird. Don’t give me that face! I’m serious! The bird won’t tell you a thing, unless it’s been raised with people and trained to talk. Look at your surroundings. Ravens don’t like people very much. If you’re in a desert, or up in the mountains, or somewhere far from civilization, chances are it’s a raven. Crows are much friendlier. If you’re around a lot of people and buildings, it’s a crow. Ravens are more territorial and they like trees that are spread out, while crows don’t mind invading each other’s space.

My anime list is currently around 80. Some of my favorites include: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ouran, Hetalia, Gosick, Gode Geass, Naruto, Durarara!!, Tsubasa Chronicles, Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, and a bunch more. I like to cosplay, ski, write, dance, read, and walk my dogs, and play MMORPGs. Eden Eternal, anyone?

I’ve been into corvids since I was a little girl. Raven is what my dad calls me. It started because I wore almost nothing but black and collected a bunch of shiny trinkets that I covered every surface of my room with. One of my dreams is to someday build an aviary and take in a rehab crow that hasn’t opened its eyes yet. They can never be released because when they open their eyes in captivity, they will believe they are human.

Aren’t armadillos cute?



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