Snappy sounding title here

So, I would like to set up a book reviewing section, for my part in this blog. Because, as I might have already mentioned once or twice, I love books. Actually, I think I’m going to set up a totally different blog, attached to the same user. I just found out that you can do that. Ahh, technology. So here it is. ¬† I know the name isn’t the most creative thing I’ve come up with, but it does get the point across.

Here’s what it’s going to look like, for those detail oriented people among us, myself included: I will read a book. I will post a review. Everybody’s happy.

Oh, you want more detail, do you? Picky people. Fine. The first part is the same: I will read a book. Then I will write about what was in it. Here’s the thing, though. I hate spoilers. Hate ’em, hate ’em, hate ’em. So I will not give any spoilers as to what was in the book at all. In fact, I won’t talk about the plot or the characters or what happened at all if I can help it.

Personally, I hate it when people go into details about plot and stuff in books. It’s part of the law that Everything Sounds Lame When Summarized In One Sentence. For example: In which a furry footed British guy has to throw his uncle’s ring into a hole in the ground. Sounds lame, right?

On that principle, I will try to avoid summarizing if I can help it. What I will tell you is whether the book was clean or not, (cussing, sex, violence) , and then what I thought about it. Because what I really want to know about a book is if it is clean or not, and whether it is good or not. I hate books that cuss and swear and have intricate discussions of… shall we say inappropriate scenes. So I’ll try to let you know if there’s any of that coming.

As for the opinion part, well, I’ll try to keep that brief and objective. Usually, I don’t like it when people offer their own detailed, emotional opinions about a book. After all, what if they hate a book that I adored? What if they love a book I thought was really stupid? Then I thought about it, and what good would a book review be if it didn’t actually review? So all I can say is that you are free to disagree with me. I realize that everyone has their own opinions, and that they usually do not match up with mine.

Anyway, if you’re still actually reading this, I also hope eventually to add reviews of my favorite books that I’ve read through out the years. However, that list is very long, so it might take me a while. Scratch that, it’s definently going to take me a while.



One thought on “Snappy sounding title here

  1. Hey, Keelan Foley, thanks for liking my post. However, I don’t currently know who you are. Perhaps you could remedy that and introduce yourself? If you ever come back to this blog.

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