Introduction to the Ninja Gang


Hello, all!

Or rather, hello one or two people who might stumble across this. Welcome to our humble page. If you like it, stay and read it a while. It won’t take long, since this is all there is (for now).

Anyway, the Ninja Gang is a non-profit organization for stranded ninjas. We take donations to help fund activities through a link at the bottom of the page. (Good luck finding that.) Though if you do find some way to send us money, we will take it, thank you very much.

We’re non-profit because we don’t ever do anything to get money. Just kidding about the whole stranded ninja thing. We’re just four geeky kids and one geeky just-turned adult. We have our own area of geeky expertise.

  • Raven: I’m the adult! If you look in our picture, I’m the brown-haired one. Since only one of us doesn’t have brown hair, you’ll have to guess. (Hint, I’m wearing red.) I’m the writer of the group. I’m currently working on a novel (This is not my first attempt. I’ve finished a few drafts before.) Like everyone in our group, I’m into anime. I love corvids and dogs. In fact, if I were a ninja in Naruto, I would be of the Inuzuka clan. (That’s another hint in the picture.)
  • Zepher: I’m not an adult. Almost, though. In the picture, I’m the girl in the blue shirt with the interesting expression. So, my specialty is reading. I read everything from shampoo bottles (when I’m bored) to political commentary articles (when I’m really bored). However, my absolute favorite is fantasy. Any type of good fiction, really. I’m not all that enthused about non-fiction (unless it’s really really good). I’m also into shounen anime, and I love dragons. I despise modern music and listen to celtic and folk songs. If I were a ninja in Naruto, I would be in the Nara clan. Even though my headband is from the sand village.

As the rest of the ninja gang is not here right now, they will not be introducing themselves. In the picture are T. Sora (second from the left with the rogue rain headband) and Hugo (far right with the garish orange shirt). Not in the picture is Thomas (his schedule is hard to coordinate with, dang it.)

*Please note that as we have not consulted Thomas, Hugo, or T. Sora about their monnikers, they are likely to be changed in the future. Thomas and Hugo, if you are reading this, don’t kill us.*


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