And you thought ninjas were only in Japan…

In which five geeky kids band together to wage a noble war against all the boringness in the world.

They have quite a fight on their hands.

The whole Ninja Gang except Thomas, whose schedule is hard to coordinate with. (From right to left) Raven, T, Zepher, and Hugo

This is a blog for the rather random adventures of the Ninja Gang- fighting normalicy in a city other than yours! (Unless you live where we live, in which case we’re fighting normalicy in your city. But you’ll just have to guess, because we’re not going to tell you what city we live in. So we might be in your city. Or we might not be. Odds are on the second one.)

Raven, Zepher, T, Hugo, and Thomas are the founding members. In fact, they’re the only members, and likely will remain as such for a long while. Now for a short introduction message from the Ninja Gang.

From the Ninja Gang:                      Hello, all!

Or rather, hello one or two people who might stumble across this. Welcome to our humble page. If you like it, stay and read it a while. There’s some pretty amusing stuff here, if we might say so ourselves. 

Anyway, the Ninja Gang is a non-profit organization for stranded ninjas. We take donations to help fund activities through a link at the bottom of the page. (Good luck finding that.) Though if you do find some way to send us money, we will take it, thank you very much.

We’re non-profit because we don’t ever do anything to get money. And just kidding about the whole stranded ninja thing. Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely ninjas; we’re just not stranded. 

Sincerely, The Ninja Gang

After that annoying interruption, back to the important stuff. For the detail oriented people among us, here’s a breakdown of the blog:

Raven, the writer, writes in the Raven category (go figure)

Zepher, the reader, posts in Interesting Things

T, the informant, confuses people in Tea Time with T?

Hugo, the hyperactive monkey, does whatever he wants on an infrequent basis in It’s the Candy Ninja

Thomas doesn’t have a life right now (apparently it’s speech and debate season for him), and so he doesn’t have any categories yet. Thomas knows this place exists, yet has declined to post anything so far. I guess we’ll just have to keep bugging him mercilessly, the lazy layabout.

The Ninja Gang have added other categories. We have a section about our cosplay group Innocent Bystanders, and a section on our agency, Zenith Enterprises.


17 thoughts on “And you thought ninjas were only in Japan…

  1. Usually we do about two a week. Not a fantastic pace, but just about the best we can do. Especially if I never can seem to think about anything to write about. If you give me a topic, I’ll try to say something amusing about it. Unless it’s burnt toast. There’s nothing amusing about that.

    • haha! watching Death note now and it is pretty cool. i started it because of light, but even though he is awsomely cool he is sort of a wacko in the begining

    • Hey zepher. Hi tae. I, being a kpop fan and espiecially being a shinee fan am going to guess that ur name tae is based upon the name of shinee maknae taemin. Am I right? ………
      And I cant wait for you to met L then.
      Go ♥DEATH NOTE ♥

      • no you are not wait4it
        you see my friend’s name is tay and she told me the different ways to spell it and i found that this way is cool(tae), but i have heard of shinee because i like super junior and i found them there and i think L is super awesome

  2. Ahhh… A mystery has been unraveled. I was wondering where Tae’s name came from, as I have no experience whatsoever with K-pop.
    So, in an attempt to spark conversation, what are your favorite animes? Or other favorite things- fandoms, perhaps?*

    And I agree: Go DEATH NOTE.

    *(We had a discussion today about how fandoms could extend beyond fiction into all areas of life. I was more referring to a fishing fandom, or perhaps a car fandom, for example. But Raven went and started talking about a toothpick fandom and a ziplock baggie fandom. Which wasn’t exactly what I meant… *sigh*)

  3. I personally think that the dub of Death Note is amazing. I watched it in dub and loved it- to me, it’s one of the best dubs out there. I wish more dubs were done like this!

    In case you didn’t notice, I think that you should watch the dub.

  4. I think we need to find a place to have conversations like this aside from the main page. We don’t want to bog it down with unrelated comments.

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